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Martin Paulo

50630 Alagon - Spain
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I was born in the Town of Samora Correia, province of Santarem, Portugal in 1973, was chosen to place my parents live, there since childhood liked to admire the green landscape and the contrasting colors of nature. In 2000 I moved to Zaragoza, Spain where I live now.

I have worked in metal assemblies, desempeñándome professional in the area of metal covered. After dreaming of painting all my life, I find the need to paint due to be unemployed and have to find a way to survive and educate my children.
Over the years I tried different techniques: pencil, gouache, ink, acrylic, pastel, oil, some times more intensively than others.

I made inquiries about abstract acrylic paintings and impressionist oil paintings.
I set up a small studio and started to create!

I finalized my first paintings in 2004, being this an important moment in my life when I decided to take the opportunity to develop what I had always liked the art of painting.
There I started painting with a figurative style that reflected the human figure and abstract, resulting in the change with a different view, for the object achieve concrete strip me and began to express the deepest and free of my feelings. I paint what I feel and think and not what we strictly see.

I enjoy painting and my purpose is through the paint fully communicate my feelings. If others fail to feel and connect with my work, that gives me great happiness.
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