Year 2007 - Acrylic on painting 100 x 80 cms

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Laurence Soignon

Atelier Art & Heart
ZI - 10, rue Charcot
26100 Romans - France

06 28 90 46 76
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Self-taught painter, his love for painting came in 1987, as an extension of his love for music and his piano practice. After 11 years of conservatory, Romans, in Grenoble for his studies superiors and begin his professional life, it has offset the absence of its instrument through painting, replacing the panel by the easel and musical notes by color.
It began with figurative art in oils on canvas.
Wishing to move freely in this expression, it remained voluntarily away from teaching.
Since 2006, a thirst for creativity, art inspires spontaneous.
An intuitive abstract art, guided by its sole owner of procedure, that is his heart. It is expressed in acrylic on canvas.
The area of osmosis with the canvas, she silenced her emotions and the mind, and it bears his conscience in his heart. There, it leaves the magic of the inner journey operate. The work was born during the very process of its development. An energy emerges and is expressed through color, light and gives his leads the brush, stirs the heart, enchants the eye and surprising reason.

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