2019 - Toile 200X140 cm - acrylique

Exposée square Champeville 84000 Carpentras du 01/07/19 au 31/08/19 - FESTIVAL LES PAPILLONS -


Jacqueline Muller Grugnardi

Lyon - France

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Self-taught painter born in Marseille of parents Corsica. I practise the art, the ink, the paint with passion.

My work in the ink is an intimate, meticulous, obsessional, intuitive work, without preparation.
In balance on an ink thread, I make up and decompose a fleeting idea, I dig, I sculpture, I embroider infinite arabesques, imaginary portraits …
I have a walk on the sheet, freely, curious to know, to see the result, the purpose of my thought.
I always finish my drawings with a peace sensation.

The paint offers me all the elements to express my imaginary universe.
Without preparatory barrier but after a long reflection on the idea and the colors, I express my feelings without search for perfection, without pattern, I play my spontaneity
I paint on painting(cloth), in the oil, in the acrylic, with brushes, knives, fingers… I sometimes make my mixtures of pigments and oil.
Since a few years, I sometimes appropriate the painting(cloth) by sticking it fabrics(tissues) of various materials(subjects) to return my unique(only) support(medium), even before beginning my painting work.

I never feel so free as when I create


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